Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chryss's Pocket Postcards

I'm blaming all this on Pam(and you know which Pam I'm talking about)...all I did was ask her if shirring was smocking, that they used to put on little girl's dresses years ago...she had posted a 1-4-1 shirring postcard swap on a fabric swapping group I just joined and she had posted a picture of shirring....yep, it is she says and do I want to swap...well, I really just wanted to know what shirring was...then I thought.. how would you make a postcard and put smocking on it? the more I thought about it, I thought of different ways you could, then I thought I'd try it to see if it would work... so if I'm going to try it...okay, I might as well I started to make up some postcards,

then I had an idea...its a great idea, and then I thought I should share this idea...then I found out that cause I have a Google account, it seems I have a blog...which would be a good place to put this idea instead of explaining it fifty million times, I would just put it on this blog..... and add pictures. Which I still have to take...I'm getting there though, this blog is the first step. I'm just figuring out how it works. I'm wondering if maybe I should wait a bit till Pam gets this great idea of mine before I actually put pictures here etc.

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