Wednesday, April 14, 2010

patterns for small dotee dollls

Here are three different designs for making dot's little dotee dolls....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Here's pictures of my experience in dye ing wool...I tried one koolade, and every combination I could think of with the food coloring, it dried well, looks great, I am happy with it. I am going to try natural dye ing one day too.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chryss's Pocket Postcard Directions

this is just any kind of postcard you want to make with a is sooo easy, and neat...I have taken a picture to show you what they look like, I personally like the one where you have the seams inside, but you have to make sure you iron and sew on top to thin it up so it will go as a postcard. I also was into circles this month so I made windows with inserts on the front, and also used some of my card making supplies,"Beadazzles" and glued them on with a fabric glue, for a bit of sparkle. I stamped with just ordinary stamp pad the hello on them.

These also look great if you put some "smocking" from an old garment on the top, gives it a big of gathering look. I can't put a picture of the one I made here till Pam gets the one I made her or it wouldn't be a surprise for her...

I made this postcard finished in 3 different ways from your basic postcard:

Layers - 1.Top with a backing fabric - 2. fuse one sided pellon onto back piece of material (total 4 pieces)

Back material, is turned down twice for a nice top(1/8 inch or so)
Front 2 pieces are sewn, added to etc. top turned down for a nice top too.

The top of the postcard is not sewn(till the end) except for the nice tops...leave it open, its the pocket.

Finishes for the rest of the postcard:

1. ZigZag - sew in a ways on the bottom and two sides, then zigzag cut all 3 sides

2. Fancy Stitch or zigzag stitch - sew around 2 sides and bottom

3. Sew inside out on bottom and 2 sides(1/8inch, clip, turn right way out, iron flat, then straight stitch around 2 sides and bottom.

Your postcard is done except for the final a ribbon with a big,long stitch across the top, which will close off the postcard.

Address and send, don't forget to tell the recipient that they pull out those big, long stitches and..... you have a small purse, a pocket to put things in etc. The ribbon could be reattached to hang up.

This is mailed as a postcard but once opened is a lovely little gift. :-)))

Saturday, March 27, 2010

paper pieced postcard swap2010

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Chryss's Pocket Postcards

I'm blaming all this on Pam(and you know which Pam I'm talking about)...all I did was ask her if shirring was smocking, that they used to put on little girl's dresses years ago...she had posted a 1-4-1 shirring postcard swap on a fabric swapping group I just joined and she had posted a picture of shirring....yep, it is she says and do I want to swap...well, I really just wanted to know what shirring was...then I thought.. how would you make a postcard and put smocking on it? the more I thought about it, I thought of different ways you could, then I thought I'd try it to see if it would work... so if I'm going to try it...okay, I might as well I started to make up some postcards,

then I had an idea...its a great idea, and then I thought I should share this idea...then I found out that cause I have a Google account, it seems I have a blog...which would be a good place to put this idea instead of explaining it fifty million times, I would just put it on this blog..... and add pictures. Which I still have to take...I'm getting there though, this blog is the first step. I'm just figuring out how it works. I'm wondering if maybe I should wait a bit till Pam gets this great idea of mine before I actually put pictures here etc.